One of the finest selections of Artisan-made fireplace marble mantels available online today. Each one has handcrafted designs and characteristics which give you a complete new perspective to understanding true craftsmanship with fireplace mantels. From the amazing Model M, to the classic Model L, no matter which one you order, you'll be in awe when it's fully installed in your space.

All of Our Featured Marble Mantel Models

We have made the ordering process smooth and easy for you with our artisan fireplace marble mantels. Each artisan mantel is produced upon confirming the order with our customers. Because of that, once the customer has ordered their artisan fireplace marble mantel, we begin handcrafting the model in which you ordered.

The process takes 6-9 weeks in total from the time we receive your order until the time you have it fully installed in your desired space. We have outlined the 6-9 week process below in the interest of transparency and provide clarity for you.