Marble is a key foundation of all our Artisan Products. We believe that a pure marble-based Artisan Table or Artisan Mantel has so much more beneficial strengths vs. working with other materials. Pure marble-based Artisan products allow us to be unique in design, material, functionality and being more environmentally friendly.

Marble requires an exorbitant amount of expertise and in-depth knowledge for using it as our key ingredient for creating our Artisan Tables or Artisan Mantels. So exorbitant that we have decades of craftsmanship, design and artisanship experience behind the scenes.

We knew that in order to have marble as a pillar for creating our Artisan Tables and Mantels, we must apply conformity in a way that has never been done before. We understood from the initial period of planning out our marble based concept, that we must respect and completely bring together all aspects to which marble gives us. Everyday we are in the shop working with our handpicked marble we are always in awe of how special marble really is it us and our customers.

Being Unique is Everything

A pure marble foundation allows us to truly be unique in our design. The marble types we handpick enables us to embrace our artisan designs with in its natural essence. Doing nothing to physically change or alter the core marble itself. Keeping every square inch the same pattern and material that we picked from the moment we saw it.

Marble has millions of years of history inside every piece. Ancient history which gives you a glimpse of a world we will never know right in your home or office. A truly mesmerizing accomplishment mother earth has given us that is unlike any other material in the world. Our admiration of marble is both inspiring and a sense of respect to mother earth. We are honored and humbled to be able to combine our artisan work with this earth's gift of marble allurement.

Why do we use Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Marble?

Heterogeneous Marble means that every piece will always be different. Heterogeneous marble means that the mixture of substances throughout any individual or whole piece of marble will always be different. This is due to the chemical mixture within the stone itself upon its creation millions of years ago.

Homogeneous Marble means that every piece are identical to one another within each block cut from the Quarries. Homogeneous marble is in essence the same mixture of substances throughout any individual or whole piece of marble.

We believe this is extremely important to our Artisan Creation Process. Because our entire showcase we offer our customers should be unique to them as well as having the option to get a design that we showcase. This way we can adhere to virtually any type of marble design request we receive from our retailer showrooms or online orders. We believe that starting this at the core of our Artisan Creation Process (handpicking the marble at the rare quarries we will use to create our Artisan Products), is the right way and the only way to achieve our creative and design goals.

All Marble is Always Best, Period.

There's just no other way to describe it... All natural is just better. No other materials except 100% pure marble from end-to-end. This in our minds was the only direction that was acceptable. Even combining other natural products like wood with a marble base was not what we wanted. We wanted to specialize in what we know is not only something that people rarely see, but we wanted to take this pure marble concept and turn each product into a beautifully designed, functional and high-performing Artisan Product. Something that has been our goal since the beginning days of us coming together.

Our Handpicked Marble

Carrara is of course being a must-have foundation marble for our Artisan Mantels. Carrara is one of the most popular white marbles in North America (if not the most). Carrara comes from multiple areas within the Mediterranean Region (predominately in Italy). Its union between a white base combined with grey and black streaks flows perfectly for exclusive interiors. We chose Carrara for our Artisan Mantels because it is an absolute quintessential match together as one. Carrara is available for all of our Artisan Mantels and if you would like to see more information regarding our Artisan Mantels in Carrara, click here.